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24 Nov Sports essentials: the same style as Jenna and Rose!
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        Today I recommend a large 1L sports bottle that Rose and Jenna are using. If you also like to play ball or exercise, don't miss it!        The "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" pointe..
22 Nov Bottled joy:How to disinfect a newly purchased sports bottle?
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1l sports bottle is loved by many people due to its changeable shape, bright color, and not being afraid of being beaten. It is very suitable for outdoor users and office workers. However, most plasti..
19 Nov What is the difference between a PC plastic sports bottle and a PP plastic cup
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PC plastic 2.5l water bottle and pp plastic cup are two common materials used to make plastic water bottles. The main difference between the two is that the PC plastic water bottle cannot be filled wi..
17 Nov Bottled joy:What are the characteristics of the different materials of 1l sports bottle?
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1l sports bottle is that outdoor sports are often visible and carried on the body. It is sturdy, durable, safe and reliable, and convenient for insurance. It is loved by the majority of outdoor sports..
16 Nov Bottled joy:What material is the disposable plastic cup made of
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The disposable 2.5l water bottle plastic cup is a disposable container for beverages and tea. It is a non-degradable product and the main source of "white pollution" in life. The biggest use of dispos..
11 Nov Bottled joy:Benefits of using 1L sports bottle straw cup
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The straw cup is suitable for drinking water for infants and children. Compared with the adult 1L sports bottle, there is a straw in the middle of the straw cup, which is very tightly sealed and will ..
10 Nov Bottled joy:Sports water bottle standard selected by sports enthusiasts
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        For those sportspeople who love outdoor sports, Bottled joy’s 1L sports bottle is naturally inseparable. Of course, it is natural to choose a sports bottle in different seasons, but no matter ..
08 Nov Bottled joy:How to make a colorful one-gallon gradient sports bottle
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        The bright gradient color 1-gallon sports bottle is very popular and is inseparable from its unique structure. It consists of two coaxial arrangements. The outer wall of the inner cup is very ..
05 Nov Bottled joy:What is the principle of ice preservation cup
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Since the thermos bottle of 1l sports bottle is mainly used for hot water insulation in the family, it is also called a thermos bottle. The structure of the thermos is not complicated. In the middle i..
04 Nov Bottled joy:How to use the shaker cup and precautions
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Speaking of a 1L sports bottle, it is not difficult to think of a shaker. Maybe most people don't know what a shaker is, but for fitness enthusiasts, you should know that a shaker is a cup for making ..
03 Nov Bottled joy: What material is good for the ice cup?
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In terms of the current 1l sports bottle variety market, the liners of the ice-keeping cups that are currently attracting attention from others are mainly made of glass, stainless steel, ceramics, and..
28 Oct Bottled joy: How to remove the sticker glue on the sports bottle
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Many merchants who bought the 1l sports bottle are very annoyed by the unusually stubborn sticker glue on the cup, because it is difficult to clean it up whether it is torn by hand or rubbing with nai..
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