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Collective praise cash back activity

Description of the rules for the return of collective likes:

Pay to shoot your favorite products. You can shoot out of box videos to promote the products by publishing them on your social media platforms such as Facebook, instagram, tiktok, youtube and twitter; And hang the shopping link, and the published text content needs to include "@ botled - Joy"

From the date of shooting and release, when you reach a certain amount of like (within 7 days), you can get the product free of charge by virtue of the link.


facebook 300,in tagram 300,tiktok 300,YouTube 300,twitter 300

Jizan exchange product activity

Description of free product rules:

find your favorite and most desired jbotled joyl products, go to the product page to download your favorite materials, publish them to your social media platform, or use the materials provided by us. You can find them in the "material download" below.

On your Facebook, INS tagram, tiktok, youtube, twitter and other social media platforms; And hang the shopping link, and the published text content needs to include "@ botled - Joy".

From the date of video release, when the collection of likes and points reaches the exchange standard within 7 days, you can submit the release link in "apply for free products". We will complete the review in about 3 working days. After passing the review, you can receive the products free of charge.


facebook 300、instagram 300、tiktok 300、YouTube 300、twitter 300

Material download:


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