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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how www.bottled-joy.com (the “Site” or “we”) collects, uses, and discloses your Personal Information when you visit or make a purchase from the Site.

1. Privacy

Your personal information and the security of that information are very important to our company. We process this information in a very secure manner. We can imagine you want to know why, when, where and how we collect this information. This is why we have formulated this privacy policy. If you have other questions about privacy issues, you can contact our customer service.

2. Security of your personal information

When using our website and online store, our customers leave a variety of personal information. We store this information in a safe and secure manner so that only authorized personnel can access it. The information is protected by the most advanced software, and we have taken the necessary security measures to provide an extra layer of security to protect the information. In addition, all sensitive information you provide is encrypted with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology.

3. Cookies

We use cookies only to ensure the normal operation of our website. If you want to learn more about our cookies, please make sure you understand our cookie policy.

4. The data we collect is used for the following purposes:


From your order, we have your name, email address, house address, payment information, and sometimes your phone number. This allows us to deliver your order and keep you informed about your order at any time. We can provide this information to others (details about shipping or delivery). We require our partners to use the same security level as ours. If personal information is not required to execute the agreement, we will only store this information after the customer agrees and confirms it.


Your account contains the following information: your name, address, phone number, email, shipping and payment information, and specified information. This is for convenience only, so customers don’t have to fill in this information every time they place an order. We also keep information about previous orders so that customers can easily access that information.


You can sign up for our various newsletters. In this way, you can stay informed about our offers, promotions or other news at any time.


We are very satisfied with all customer reviews. This provides correct information to enhance and improve our products.

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